With over 30 years combined recruitment, business services and sales engineering experience, we’re your partner when looking for a capital equipment sales professionals.

Who is Cappro?

Our consultants are highly talented individuals with a minimum of 15 years experience delivering bankable results for their clients. This enables us to provide to you, talent matched not only on experience, track record and qualifications. We actually take the time to ensure the right cultural fit to optimise long term retention and prosperity for your organization. We strive to deliver quality over quantity, and above all… a sturdy ROI for our clients.

We are one of the rare recruitment business that not just understand your recruitment process but have clear technical and commercial knowledge of all capital equipment markets. Our senior consultants have the passion, enthusiasm, the connections and talent pools to connect you to the best talent with your market area.

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What does Cappro do?

  • Sales and Engineering recruitment.
  • Recruitment 360.
  • Exclusive services.
  • Sales and marketing strategies.
  • Immigration and work visas.
  • Difficult to fill specialists positions.
  • Business consulting and services.
  • Provide a trusted partner for your business.
  • Industry specialists.
  • Cost effective HR strategies and employment.