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Are You Ready For Your Next Career Move?

Where will your career take you? Find your path with Cappro Pacific.

We are the industry experts, here to transform your career and help you take the next BIG step in the right direction. We understand your focus: with the price of living rising and the ever-importance of family and personal life, finding the right fit involves consideration of skill, desire and cultural fit.

Easy Steps

Our Process



Upload your resume today!



One of our friendly team members will be in touch to understand your requirements and what you’re looking to achieve with your career.



We will walk you through your options. This may include a live role available on our site, or a confidential call-in with an industry expert to further guide and assist in finding the right employer. We will work together to craft ideas to help move you towards your new career within the Earthmoving, Construction and Agricultural equipment industries.


Final Step

Once we understand your direction, we will engage you at a professional level and start working with our industry contacts to gain you interviews and successful employment within a leading organisation. There are many options when talking with the Cappro team, and we are here to support and help you through this stressful time.

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The Difference

Why Cappro

The Cappro team have come from the land. We understand and share the same passions. With starts in working/servicing equipment and working on farms, our team moved into the corporate world and quickly realised a desire to help others achieve their goals. We love this industry and are always looking to place exceptional candidates into companies that will see you grow and build your career.

Our philosophy is Talent Fuels Performance. If you are passionate and highly motivated to succeed in life, we are right behind you. You are the talent that fuels your personal engine, which then delivers the performance. We are here to guide, support, direct and provide the consolation to help you succeed.

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