National Sales Manager, Leading Earthmoving OEM.

“We had always used agencies throughout the years, but we always found that they never really understood what we do because of the complexity of our equipment and services. We were referred to Cappro by one of our customers that uses them religiously because of the experience and what they stand for. They took our positions with ease and secured top talent. That not only made the process simple but it was quickly understood that we had better selection and we felt we had the upper hand. Using Cappro will always be our first choice when recruiting staff here in Australia.”

General Manager, National Hire Company

“The Cappro team approached us after they heard we were searching for a sales manager. I had heard of Cappro as we had spoken before but never really wanted to spend the money on a recruitment company. After working on the role for over six weeks we realized getting the right person was going to be challenging. Cappro spent the time to understand my business, the company culture and what we are trying to achieve. After one week a short list was delivered with some quality candidates among them. We ended up employing a sales manager and also a national product specialist. The overall experience by the Cappro team was 10/10.”