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Ryan O’Donnell

Founder & Principal Consultant

Ryan brings over 20 years of recruitment experience, with a passion for building relationships and teams. He takes pride in understanding the methodology and passion behind every Manager. Recruitment is not just a job; it’s full of motivation and enjoyment, with the opportunity to meet new and inspirational people and learn something new every day.

Making his start at the entry level, Ryan worked his way up to ‘top-level-performer’ in recruitment markets. This has enforced a foundational purpose to deliver consistently successful recruitment outcomes with an understanding of the science behind quality recruitment. From the first call, you’ll notice the motivation and passion Ryan has for this industry. Matched with high-level ethics and professionalism, you’ll get a ‘No BS’ approach with a true and honest direction.

Personally, Ryan loves spending time with his family and friends. He has a real passion for off-roading, camping and enduro riding. With a Scottish background, Ryan is in his element when spending time with family and friends, experiencing new restaurants, venues and other places of interest.

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